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Shingle Roof Installers Serving Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, FL

J & K Roofing is a full service roofing company that specializes in installing a variety of different roof styles. From shingles to gravel, we do it all. We also repair existing roofs for both commercial and residential buildings. Full service means that we first visit the site and access what needs to be done. We fully inspect every site before any construction begins to ensure safety for both our workers and those who are under the roof. We then give the owner a quote for the job. With J & K you never have to worry about hidden fees and unexpected surprises.

Roof Restoration

No matter what sort of roof you have, it’s going to experience the normal wear and tear of time. South Florida roofs are particularly vulnerable since heavy rain and wind is common. J & K Roofing will restore any roof to perfect working order. We repair damage as well as rid your roof of mold and moss. It’s important to have you roof maintained in order to keep it in great condition until it’s time for a new one.

Roof Coatings

Many residences and businesses choose to apply a roof coating after installation. Roof coatings are very important step in waterproofing a roof. They also help with insulation and protection from sun damage. South Florida gets a lot of rain and a lot of sun, so look into a roof coating from J &K Roofing!


Some roofing materials are more waterproof than others. Newly installed roofs are usually very watertight, but that changes as they get older. The professionals at J & K Roofing are experienced in waterproofing roofs which are a few years old, but not old enough to replace. Special coatings are used to form a membrane on any style of roof which keeps water from leaking in.