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Where to Find the Best Residential Roofing in Hollywood, FL

Has the roof of your home ever been damaged because of Florida’s weather? Are you looking to increase the property value of your home? Did a previous roofer cut corners, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks or other issues? If any of these situations apply to you, it might be time to consider a new roof for your home. With J&K Roofing, residential roofing in Hollywood, Florida has never been easier or more accessible. With a team of experienced roofers with over 30 years of service in South Florida, your home couldn’t be in better hands.

There is a whole list of reasons to consider a new roof for your home. Between leaks, holes, missing tiles, and water damage, there are quite a few serious issues that could arise. By installing quality roofing over your home, you are taking the preventative steps to make sure your home’s interior is safe and secure for years to come. You could even be saving yourself money down the line as a result! Additionally, a new roof will increase the property value for those who are considering selling their home. 


How to Choose a Residential Roofing in Hollywood, Florida You’ll Love

Not only is putting a new roof over your head guaranteed to keep your home safe and sound from Florida’s weather, but it’s also sure to make it look great as well. This is especially important if you are ever considering selling your home in the future. Done right, a roof can last half a decade without ever needing to be replaced. With J&K Roofing, there is no shortage of styles and types of roofing to choose from. Between shingles, tiles, and gravel, there are many ways to make your home look beautiful from the outside in.

Choosing Your Roof 

At J&K Roofing, we offer a wide variety of textures, colors, and styles. Depending on your home’s needs, your budget, and your style taste, there are many directions you could go when designing your ideal roof.

Shingles: due to its cost-effectiveness and variety of styles to choose from, shingles tend to be one of the most popular types of roofing. Wood, asphalt, and slate in a multitude of colors make this a great option. A well-kept roof with shingles could last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced.

Tiles: One of the oldest and most traditional types of roofing, tiles dates back to ancient Greece architecture. Traditionally made from clay or slate, tiles are extremely durable and long-lasting. Due to their durability, a good tile roof can last up to 50 years! For this reason, they tend to be more of an investment. With its lifespan and wide array of styles to choose from, tile proves to be one of the best ways to keep your roof wonderfully insulated and beautiful to look at.

Gravel: These roofs are typically used for flat roofs without any slope, gravel is layered over tar paper and asphalt to keep your roof free of leaks or water damage. With regular maintenance, gravel roofs can last up to 20 years.

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Whether you’re looking to give your roof a makeover or improve the resale value, J&K Roofing is a trustworthy solution. With plenty of options to consider for your home’s unique needs and an expertly qualified team, the perfect residential roofing in Hollywood, Florida is available to you. After installing your new roof, we can service any needs that might arise from environmental damage, so that you can keep it in tip-top shape. Call J&K Roofing today at 954-961-9879 to get started on your home’s new roof. We’re here to help you when you need assistance the most! 


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