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Top Five Reasons for a Roof Inspection in Hollywood, Florida

Your roof should be one of your top priorities. Why? Your roof is the protector of your home. In fact, we know that in history, having a roof over one’s head was always the main priority. Keeping your roof in good condition is the way in which you secure your valuables, your interiors, and your family. To avoid any devastating issues, having a regular roof inspection in Hollywood, Florida is a must. There are a few times that an inspection is necessary. Other times, inspections are simply precautionary. In this article, we’ve created a list of both to help you identify when to schedule a preventative inspection, and what events call for an immediate inspection. 


Two Moments for a Precautionary Roof Inspection in Hollywood, Florida 

There are two moments that act as a preventative measure, especially in South Florida. Here, we have hurricanes, which have a season. Therefore, it’s recommended by roofing experts to schedule a roof inspection pre-hurricane season and post-hurricane season. Having an inspection pre-hurricane season ensures that you’re able to set your home up for success. Having an inspection post-hurricane season allows you to repair any items that have been damaged. Sometimes, homeowners will put these inspections off. They assume that because they haven’t seen anything yet, there’s no need to worry. However, what many homeowners don’t know is that there could be a small hole, creating a small leak. After a hurricane, that hole can become large and out of control. It’s best to get ahead of the damages if possible. 


Three Moments for a Necessary Roof Inspection in Hollywood, Florida 

There are three moments that many homeowners will face throughout their lives in regards to their roofs needing an inspection. 

They are leaks, missing tiles or shingles, and roofing replacements. 

If a homeowner believes that one of these three items need servicing, it’s best to have an inspection. Leaks, in particular, are items that will need to be checked right away. Leaks might be small, but over time, that water can build. Additionally, because Florida has such ideal weather, homeowners may face a mold or mildew issue. Once mold becomes a problem, it’s very challenging and expensive to fix. 

Missing tiles and shingles might not seem like a terrible thing, but what people don’t know is that this is the protection for your roof. Think of it as the skin of your roof. When the barrier is broken, it leaves the internal pieces of the roof susceptible to damage. This is when leaks can occur more easily, and devastations can take place. A professional roofer will be able to tell you how many shingles or tiles are missing, as well as any damages that have already been sustained. Last, but not least, a roofer can tell you when your roof will need to be replaced. This is especially true for those looking to sell their homes, as all sales require a roofing inspection. 


If you’re looking for a roof inspection in Hollywood, Florida, trust none other than J&K Roofing. With numerous awards and many years in the industry, we’re a trusted name in our community. Hurricane season is coming, and it’s best to be prepared. Contact our team today at 954-961-9879. The roof protects your house. Let’s make sure you’re safe!

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