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The #1 Residential Roofing Service in Hollywood

Your roof not only protects you and your family from the elements, but it also keeps your home properly insulated. In South Florida cities like Hollywood, humid tropical weather, and heavy rainstorms can wreak havoc with your roof. And if not properly maintained year after year, it can often cost you as a homeowner much more money in the long run. Damage to your roof may remain undetected until you start seeing stains on the ceiling inside your home, which often indicates water damage from a leaking roof. At J&K Roofing, we offer a wide range of residential roof services in Hollywood and throughout South Florida. Our highly trained and experienced roofers are equipped to work on a variety of roof types for all residential and commercial properties, such as: 

  1. Metal Roofs  – won’t burn and resists high winds
  2. Shingle Roofs – the most popular and affordable.
  3. Clay Tile Roofs – the most aesthetically beautiful and fire-resistant.
  4. Commercial roofs – there are several flat roofing options like TPO, EPDM, and the PVC.
  5. Concrete Roofs – stands up to the high winds brought on by tropical storms and hurricanes.
  6. Slate roofs – made from natural materials they are very green, and they last long.

And more… 

Experience in a residential roofing company counts!

With hurricane season approaching, it is important that you hire a professional with years of experience to fix your roof now and prevent any future damage in the event of a storm. Did you know that roof tiles can act as a flying weapon in a hurricane if not properly tacked down? Regular roof maintenance and inspection services will keep your roof in top shape all year long. Roof damage can be attributed to many things including leaks, weather, and aging. Luckily, the expert craftsmen at J&K Roofing have years of experience and no problem is too big or small for us to handle. We can fix any roofing problem including builder errors, roof neglect, and standing water. The roof on your residential or commercial property is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, 365 days a year. Your roof is one of the most susceptible places for damage, so make sure you take proper care of it with regular yearly maintenance. Roof maintenance is not only important for the longevity of your roof, but it also helps prevent minor damages from becoming major problems by catching them early on.

Make sure to fix your roof before a storm hits!

From commercial and industrial roofing services to residential roof repair, make J&K Roofing your go-to service. With hurricane season almost upon us, you’ll want to make sure to take care of any roof repairs now. We had a mild season last year, but with South Florida’s unpredictable weather, you can’t afford to take any chances. Be smart and call us now for a free roof evaluation before a storm hits and if you spring a leak, we are always available for emergency roofing services. Give J&K Roofing a call today at (954) 961-9879 for the best roofing service in Hollywood. A burst pipe in the middle of the night? No problem. We are proud to provide our customers with 24/7 emergency services.

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