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The Premier Roofer in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a special place. Home to thousands of people and a weekend getaway for thousands more. All of these people require a roof over their heads for security and safety, and J&K Roofing is ready to install or repair roofs for everyone in Fort Lauderdale!

The most common types of roofs in South Florida are shingle, gravel, and tile. Driving around Fort Lauderdale, you can see examples of each of these roofs, but do you know the benefits of them? Beginning with shingle roofs, they’re the cheapest available materials for roofs. Shingle roofs can be any color of your choice, making them the most popular of choice for South Florida homeowners. Homeowners choose from an assortment of colors, including:  

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Tan

Tile roofs also have their benefits! Tile roofing is durable and has superior strength that allows tile roofs to have a long lifespan. Tile’s excellent resistance helps protect homes through hurricanes and tropical storms, which is why tile roofing is a popular choice in Fort Lauderdale. Although more expensive, Tile roofing is environmentally friendly. Roofing tiles are generally made from materials such as clay and concrete, which can be recycled and used again. Ecologically friendly, LEED-certified, and Energy Star buildings are known to choose tile roofing for its environmental-benefit.  

Gravel roofs are commonly found on flat roof commercial buildings but also can be seen in residential homes as well. The benefits of gravel roofs are that the gravel protects the underlying roofing materials. In addition to the protective nature of gravel roofs, they also are a low-cost and energy-efficient roofing material. Gravel roofs can help in regulating the temperature in your home and reduces energy consumption! Gravel roofs also are easy to install or repair, and J&K Roofing does both at an affordable cost.

Disaster can strike at any moment, which is why J&K Roofing is available to either repair or completely replace your residential or commercial roof. J&K Roofing’s team is experienced and trained in installing or repairing gravel, shingles, or tile roofs. Whether it’s a tiny leak or some severe wind damage, J&K Roofing is your best option for roof repair. 

Call J&K Roofing today for one of our free estimates to see what we can do for your roof. Don’t hesitate, call J&K Roofing today at (954) 961-9879 and get your free estimate to see how the best roofing company in Fort Lauderdale can help your roof be built to last! 

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