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Discover the Premier Roofers in Hollywood, FL at J&K Roofing

Hollywood, FL, is home to thousands of people. Every one of those people has a life, a story, and a journey attached to their name. J & K Roofing’s mission is to provide quality roofs that not only protect but secure those people to continue on their journey and tell their story. In Hollywood, the two most popular types of roofs are shingle roofs and tile roofs. Each has its benefits that should be considered when installing your next roof.

Beginning with shingle roofs, they are the most common roofs in Hollywood. Shingle roofs are made of different materials that are constructed together. First, fiberglass is bound to a sheet with stable resins and binders to act as the foundation. Next, asphalt is applied and oxidized on the fiberglass mat to make the mat both water and water-resistant. Once dried, stone granule surfacing is applied to the asphalt shingle to be processed into various colors and used for roofing. The benefit of the shingle process is that the cost is significantly lower than tiles. Another advantage of shingle roofing is shingles can be made to match almost any color or design that the homeowners want.

Tile roofs are also popular in Hollywood and come with their benefits. Tile roofing is durable and has superior strength that allows tile roofs to have a long lifespan. Tile’s excellent resistance helps protect homes through hurricanes and tropical storms, which is why tile roofing is a popular choice in Hollywood. Although more expensive, Tile roofing is environmentally friendly. Roofing tiles are generally made from materials such as clay and concrete, which can be recycled and used again. Ecologically friendly, LEED-certified, and Energy Star buildings are known to choose tile roofing for its environmental-benefit.

J & K Roofing is the premier roofer in Hollywood, FL. J & K Roofing is licensed, insured, and has high customer reviews for our previous work. J & K Roofing’s top priority is customer satisfaction. Not only does J & K Roofing want to install or repair your roof, but also wants to build a lasting relationship that establishes trust and satisfaction every time you hire J & K Roofing. Whether it’s a minor repair or installing a completely new roof, J & K Roofing has the materials and professional team to work on your roof. At J & K Roofing, we guarantee to go above and beyond in the quality of service to ensure you’re happy with your roof.

For a shingle roof, J & K Roofing believes you should have your roof inspected every two years. For a tile roof, J & K Roofing believes every three to five years for a roof inspection. However, disaster can strike at any moment, and, J & K Roofing is available to either repair or completely replace your residential or commercial roof. J & K Roofing’s team is experienced and trained ininstalling or repairing gravel, shingles, or tile roofs. Whether it’s a tiny leak or some severe wind damage, J & K Roofing is your best option for roof repair.

Hoping to prevent a complete roof replacement? Call J & K Roofing today for one of our free estimates to see what we can do for your roof. Don’t hesitate, call J & K Roofing today at (954) 961-9879 and get your free estimate to see how the best roofing company in Hollywood can help your roof be built to last!

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