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Homeowners May Need a Roof Inspection in Hollywood, Florida MoreThan They Think

Homeowners in South Florida know that there are extreme weather conditions; yet prioritizing a roof inspection in Hollywood, Florida isn’t always on the top of their list. Florida is home to intense storms, winds, rains, and tree debris, leaving roofs in this area susceptible to damage. What homeowners may not know is that their need for a roof inspector per year may be higher than they think. Of course, this all depends on the location, age, installation, type of roof, and intensity of the season.

How Often to Have a Roof Inspection in Hollywood, Florida

Most homes in South Florida are tile roofs. This type of material is very sturdy and can last a long time. Unfortunately, many homes with this type of roofing are older. The aging of tiles can lead to missing pieces or chipped pieces, requiring more frequent visits from the local roofing company.

Metal and wooden materials, alternatively, tend to wear more efficiently, so they will need to inspection more often. According to officials, people who leave in an area with extreme weather will also require roof inspection more than those who do not. Having an inspector take a look twice a year is a sure way to guarantee that a home’s roof is not leaking, nor will it cave under the pressure of torrential rains and high winds. Once in the spring before hurricane season, and once in the fall after hurricane season should be more than enough for Floridians.

A roof inspection in Hollywood, Florida can tell a homeowner many valuable pieces of information. They will be able to know if there’s a leak, repair a leak, replace missing tiles or shingles, and check the overall durability. If you’re looking to have a roof inspection completed before the first storm hits, J&K Roofing could be the company for you. Their full-service technicians know all there is to know about the many styles of roofing in the South Florida area. Being given the Super Service Award by Angie’s List ensures their professionalism and unparalleled customer service. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial inspection, J&K Roofing has what it takes to prepare your shelter for anything. Contact 954-961-9879 today to begin your free quote.

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