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Tips for Preparing for Hurricane Season from a Roofer in Fort Lauderdale

It’s almost that time for hurricane season, where the rains drench South Florida, winds scatter debris, and destruction is not out of the question. While there is still another month before hurricane season arrives, it’s important to be prepared. One of the areas that sustain the most damage during a hurricane is a home and business roof. The winds can have quite an impact, either removing shingles and tiles; or toppling large trees onto your property. Regardless of what potential threats lie ahead this summer, there are tips from a roofer in Fort Lauderdale that may set you up for a more comfortable road ahead.

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The first item of business is ensuring that your roof is strong enough to withstand a major storm. Many homeowners and business owners have an out of sight, out of mind attitude with regarding their roofs. An inspection can give homeowners and business owners peace of mind, knowing that their shelters are either ready to go, or in need of service.

Besides checking for leaks during an inspection, the roofer should check for missing tiles or broken tiles to replace them. Also, it’s a good idea to trim back hedges or tree branches that may pose a threat to the condition of your roof should a massive storm take place. At J&K Roofing, we specialize in roofing restoration, roof coatings, and even waterproofing! These are all excellent services, should your roof need attention upon inspection.

If you’re looking to prepare for hurricane season, we encourage you to reach out to a roofer in Fort Lauderdale. The experts at J&K Roofing will be upfront and honest so that there’s no need to fear surprises or fees. Call us at (954) 961 – 9879 today!

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