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Advantages of A Metal Roof in Hollywood, FL

South Florida is known for its extreme weather. Hurricanes and tropical storms come through every fall and sometimes cause quite a lot of damage. Some years we get lucky and avoid a direct hit from a big storm. Then there are storms like Andrew in 1992 that completely devastate the area with howling winds and drenching rain. Many Florida homes are built to withstand a moderate hurricane, especially those with a metal roof.

Protect Your Home with a Mental Roof

With all the wind and rain South Florida experiences, having a metal roof put on your home makes a ton of sense. Metal is the most durable type of roofing material used for a variety of reasons. First of all metal is very resistant to cracking, erosions, and it is completely waterproof. Most metal roofs are constructed with interlocking panels that resist wind and rain. Metal roofs are also known to last for decades so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. Copper was the roofing material of choice in the past, but the high grade metals of today are more durable and stylish. These metal sheets are treated with anti-rust and heat reflective substances so they last longer. It was actually NASA who invented ceramic heat reflective coating decades ago for the American space program.

Metal roofs also look great. The sheets can me manufactured to look like just about any surface you want; wood, tile, shingles, or even slate. The sheets come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles so you can pick exactly what matches with the rest of your home. You can order a custom roof that looks like whatever you want! Many of these metal sheets are even made from recycled materials so you’re helping out the environment, making your home more secure, and saving money all at the same time.

Over time, roofs made of metal tend to pay for themselves. Some homeowners experience a large savings in their annual energy costs. Since they last longer than shingles or tile, a metal roof is far more efficient and cost effective. Metal roofs have even been known to raise the resale value of a home because of their look and durability. Some insurance companies will even give a discount to homeowners with a metal roof. Because of the benefits, many companies such as J & K Roofing in Hollywood, FL have begun installing metal roofs all over town.

When people reroof their home with traditional materials, they have to tear off the old roof before putting up the new one. A metal roof can be installed over an existing roof so you don’t have to worry about filling a landfill with old shingles and nails.

There’s a myth going around that metal roofs make more noise when it rains, which in South Florida is all the time. This notion is incorrect however. As long as the roof was properly installed with the correct base layers then it will be no louder than any traditional roof. Next time you need a metal roof in Hollywood, FL you should call J & K Roofing.

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