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3 Signs You Need to Hire a Roofer in Fort Lauderdale

Let’s face it, your roof may not your number one worry on your long worry list! However, you may have come across a few things with your roof that made you question whether or not you need to hire a roofer. Here are 3 signs you need to hire a roofer in Fort Lauderdale! 

#1 Your roof’s age 

You may have moved in recently or maybe you have been in your house for over 20 years, either way, you should try and figure out how old your roof is. A typical roof can last between 20 to 25 years but this varies from roof to roof. You may have thought your whole roof was redone before you moved in but maybe they just added an extra layer of shingles this doesn’t count as a new roof. If you know that your roof has several layers of shingles and you have been there for 20 years or your realtor says its older than 20 years chances are you may need a whole reroof done. If by any chance your realtor doesn’t know when your roof has been changed or maybe you don’t have their number anymore, you can review your home’s improvement records to get an idea of how long ago your roof has been replaced or when it has been re-shingled. 

#2 You have found shingle granules in your gutter 

If during a gutter cleaning you have found a lot of shingle granules, this means that your roof is coming to an end of its life cycle. Shingle granules are added to shingles to keep off UV rays and this makes them more fire resistant. If it’s falling off your shingles your roof will not be as protected as it once was. These shingle granules should have inconsistent colors from dark to light. This may mean you will have to replace your whole roof but if you’re in doubt you should call up our experts at J&K Roofing! 

#3 You see slight daylight trying to fight its way in through your roof boards 

You may feel like you’re going a little crazy for seeing the slightest bit of sunshine glaring in through your roof boards but chances are you are not imagining this! This means that your roof may have an underlying decking that has weakened with time and excessive moisture. You should take a look in your attic just to see if there is actual daylight coming through your roof boards. Remember that if you are in doubt just call us and let us do a full inspection of your roof! 

Trust our hardworking professionals at J&K Roofing! 

If you have found yourself needing an inspection after analyzing your roof and these signs then don’t hesitate to call our reliable and safe team at J&K Roofing. Give us a call today and you will be sleeping like a baby knowing your roofing needs are getting taken care of!

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