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Can a Licensed Roofer in Coral Springs, FL Fix My Holiday Roof Damage?

Licensed Roofer Coral Springs, FLAt J & K Roofing, Inc., roofing is our specialty. We’re focused on helping homes and businesses enjoy their best roofing yet. But, the holidays can be an especially difficult time for roofing. No, not because of snow, but because of holiday decorations. Homes and businesses all throughout Coral Springs may try to deck the halls by covering their roofing in decorations, but holiday decorations aren’t always the best for your roofing. If you’ve damaged your roofing with holiday decorations, there’s no reason to become a Grinch. A licensed roofer in Coral Springs, FL from our team at J & K Roofing, Inc. can help repair roofing damage.

There are many different ways holiday decorations can damage your roofing. First, the process of putting up holiday decorations has the potential to create problems for your roof. That’s because stepping on your roof in the wrong way can create many issues. Flat roofs, tile roofs and shingle roofs all may need repair from a licensed roofer in Coral Springs, FL if damages are created during the holiday decorating process. If you do climb up on your roof this holiday season to decorate, make sure that you don’t step on sensitive spots in your roof that may create damage.

Improper hanging of your holiday lights can cause a lot of frustrations for your roofing. Some holiday decorators try to get their lights up quickly just to avoid a tedious decorating process, but that’s ill advised. You should never use staples or other damaging adhesives to put up your holiday lights. Additionally, you should never affix your decorations directly to your tiles, shingles or roof flashing. At J & K Roofing, Inc., we recommend hanging lights from your gutters instead. Gutter clips can help you hang holiday lights without damaging your roofing or gutters in the process.

Everyone wants to be the brightest house on the block or business in the city this holiday season. But at J & K Roofing, Inc., we know that it’s important to take precautions to help keep the threat of roofing damage at bay. Think smart this holiday season when hanging your holiday lights.

If you do encounter damage on your roof while hanging lights, or if your lights create roof damage, we’re here to help. A licensed roofer in Coral Springs, FL can help replace missing shingles, broken tiles and damaged roof elements. For more extensive damage, we offer a truly affordable reroof in Coral Springs, FL. From all of us at J & K Roofing, Inc., we hope you have a happy holiday and practice safe holiday decorating!

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