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What are Roofing Maintenance Guidelines?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home to maintain, after all a problem in the roof can cause issues all throughout your home. But, roofing maintenance is a little more complex than you may think. At J & K Roofing, Inc., we’re experts when it comes to caring for roofs all around Hollywood. While we recommend you count on our roofing team for your maintenance needs, there are still many people who would like to explore their options for DIY roofing maintenance in Hollywood, FL. Some roofing maintenance steps include:

  • Clean the gutters. We couldn’t stress this roofing maintenance procedures enough! Clean gutters make for a happy roof. Every season change, or every few months, you can climb up on a secured ladder or stepping ladder and visually inspect the gutters as you clean them. Check for cracks or holes, and call our experts to repair any gutter damage.
  • Look for damage in your fascia. In most homes, the fascia board ends around the gutters, so while you’re inspecting your gutters for damage, you can also do so along the sides of your fascia. If you do spot damage or wear in your fascia, it’s time to call a professional from our team at J & K Roofing, Inc.
  • Step into your attic and look up. The top of your attic can act like a map for problems on your roof. If you see holes in your insulation, stains or other strange looking problems, it’s important to consult with a professional Hollywood roofer, FL to get to the bottom of the problem.
  • Remove overhanging tree limbs. Tree canopies over your home may look pretty, but they spell disaster for your roof. Over time, leaves, twigs, branches and other debris can fall onto your roof. Worst yet, these tree branches can act as a highway for pests looking to invade your home.
  • Inspect the soffit. Know those little vents or dots on the underside of your roof that cover the overhang? The soffit is one of the most essential components of your roof, it allows your roof to “breathe” by encouraging natural air circulation throughout the attic. The soffit can become damaged or covered with debris, so cleaning the soffit or having a professional repair it is of the utmost importance.

Other aspects of roofing maintenance in Hollywood, FL require visual inspections of roofing parts that are on the top of the roof, such as the flashing. For these procedures, it’s best to call a professional from our team at J & K Roofing, Inc. We can perform a detailed roofing inspection, then repair any damages we may find. Ready to schedule your roofing inspection or maintenance? Call (954) 961-9879!

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