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Leaky Roof? Call our Roofing Experts!

There are few things as frustrating as a leaky roof. First, there’s the water damage that a leaky roof can cause. With constant water flowing into your home, controlling its path and the intensity of its damage can be difficult. Then, there’s frustrating part of actually treating the roof leak. Is the leak in the roof itself? The shingles or tiles? The attic? When you’re dealing with a leaky roof, the last thing you need is a game of 20 questions. Instead, you can just make one phone call to our team of roofing experts in Hollywood, FL. Our team at J&K Roofing is here to fix your leaky commercial or residential roof, getting everything back to normal in no-time.

Just like there are seemingly countless shingles or tiles on your roof, there are almost innumerable Roofing Experts Hollywood, FLcauses of roofing leaks. There are some common roof leak causes, such as damaged or corroded roof flashing. Your roofing is made of many different layers of materials and sealants, and roof flashing is one of the most important components of your roof. Flashing is a thin metal sheet that’s used to cover a seam or juncture in a roof. For example, your vent pipe has flashing around it and each point where two different angles on your roof meet has flashing. Roofing valleys may also have flashing. Sometimes, this flashing can become damaged or corroded, and this corrosion creates weaknesses that compromise your roof’s once watertight seal. When roof flashing is the problem, you can count on our team of roofing experts at J&K Roofing to fix the leak quickly and professionally.

What other problems can roofing experts fix?

There are many other issues that can cause roof leaks, such as missing or damaged shingles and tiles. If you have a flat roof, a leak can be caused by erosion of your gravel or sealants. We can perform roofing maintenance in Hollywood, FL to address these issues, preserving your roof’s integrity with routine roofing check-ups. If we discover any of these problems, we’ll quickly repair the damage before a leak forms. If you suspect your roofing has a leak, make sure you leave the repairs to our professionals. Tracing a roof leak can be nearly impossible without a professional perspective, but our roofing experts in Hollywood, FL can identify the source of your roof’s leak. If you’re hearing dripping or seeing water staining in your home, make sure your roof isn’t the problem. Call us today at (954) 961-9879 to schedule your roof inspection.

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