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How Can I Maintain My Tile Roof?

Maintenance is key in keeping major purchases at their very best, and your roof is no exception to this rule. If you’re looking to keep your tile roof in Hollywood, FL sturdy and stylish for years to come, the proper maintenance routines are vital in preserving the roofing’s integrity. At J & K Roofing, Inc., our roofing experts in Hollywood, FL specialize in all aspects of your tile roof’s maintenance and repairs. We can take care of any roofing problems, big and small. If you’re new to maintaining your tile roof, you might not be sure which procedures will better your roofing. Here are the 4 main maintenance jobs our roofing experts perform on tile roofs:

  1. Roof cleaning. Over time, mold, mildew and moss can build up on your roofing surfaces. Roofing tiles are porous, which means that these staining elements can cling to your roofing. It’s important to clean any mold and mildew from your roof’s surface, these elements can stain and even reduce your roof’s strength. At J & K Roofing, Inc., we can expertly remove any mold, mildew and moss from your tile roof.
  2. Tile replacement. Your roof’s tiles are valued for their durability, but unfortunately they can sustain damages over time. If your tiles are cracked, chipped or entirely missing, we can get things back in order. We can replace missing or broken tiles, safeguarding your roof’s strength. We can safely remove any broken tiles and quickly replace them with a seamless look.
  3. Adding coatings. Some people don’t realize that there are additional ways they can protect their roofing. At J & K Roofing, Inc., we know that roof coatings are the secret weapon in your roof’s longevity. Coatings can seal weak points in a porous roof. We can apply roof coatings which increase your roof’s water resistance, insulation and even sun-resistance. The right coating can add years to your roofing’s life!
  4. Restoration jobs. Sometimes, normal wear and tear can become highly damaging to your roof. In these instances, simple maintenance procedures may need additional help. We can restore any damaged sections of your roof regardless of the intensity of the problem. We can repair leaks, restore structural damage and perform any other necessary repairs.

Our roofing experts in Hollywood, FL understand that routine maintenance can make all the difference in your roofing. We can come to your home or business to inspect your roofing. If there are any problems which need to be addressed, our team of roofing experts can work quickly to ensure your roofing is at its best. Give our roofing specialists a call at (954) 961-9879   to schedule your roof inspection.

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