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What are the Benefits of Bonded Roofs?

Your roof is something that’s always susceptible to damages, regardless of how well constructed it may be. Rain, hurricanes, winds and general wear can bring damages to the strongest of roofs. You may be hesitant to seek the repairs your roof needs, but allowing damages to linger can actually make things worse. Small cracks can turn into big leaks, a little mold can turn into a major problem. The key to keeping your roof at its best is to fix damages quickly. Luckily, our team of expert roofers can get you the speedy repairs you need.

At J & K Roofing, Inc. we specialize in roofing repairs. Our first goal when working on your roof is to perform repairs which keep your roof functional for as long as possible. We can perform a wide range of roofing repairs, such as:

  • Restoration
  • Moss & Mold Removal
  • Coating Application
  • Waterproofing
  • Resealing
  • Replacement of Missing Tiles or Shingles

We can come to your home and asses any roof damages prior to beginning work. We’ll provide a timeline and estimated price for repairs, working to provide the most accurate estimations possible. When you work with our team at J & K Roofing, Inc., there’s no need to worry about hidden fees or unexpected and costly surprises.

Unfortunately, not all roofs can be repaired, some damages are simply too costly to fix. Other roofs may be too old, losing the structural needs to keep them functional. Whatever the cause, we can offer the best roofing installation around. In addition to repairs, our team specializes in the installation of new roofs in Hollywood, Fl and surrounding cities. We can install a new roof which is customized to your needs, fitting your design and budget. Roofs can be created in varying slopes, from taller roofs to sleek flat designs. We use the strongest and most time-tested roofing materials, including gravel, tile and shingle roofs.

Our roofing installations are second to none due to our combination of excellent materials and even better customer service. We’re one of the few companies which also has bonded roofs available in Hollywood, Fl. Bonded roofs are roofs which come with an additional warranty that protects the owner against damage from leaks or other problems related to the roof’s construction. It can cover materials and workmanship for necessary repairs which have stemmed from any flaws for a set duration. Each bonded roofing contract is unique to the home, roof and owner to provide optimal coverage.

If you’re in need of roofing repairs, a new roof, or a bonded roofing contract, look no further than our team of experienced roofers at J & K Roofing, Inc. We strive to keep each building in South Florida covered with the best roofing possible. We have been providing quality roofing repairs, installation and service throughout the area since 1999. Call today to get started on turning your roof into the strongest part of your home.

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