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Can the Rainy Season Damage Shingle Roofs in Hollywood, FL?

Hurricane season may have come and gone without a major storm rocking us too badly, but that doesn’t mean your roof escaped the season without sustaining some damage. The typical hurricane season ends around late October so it’s come and gone, but problems with leaks and more might not show up right away. The older a roof is, the better chance it’s going to spring a leak eventually and just after storm season is a common occurrence. Shingle roofs in Hollywood, FL don’t require a ton of maintenance and upkeep, but if it’s been a few years since you had yours looked at by a Fort Lauderdale roofer, then it’s time to call J & K Roofing today and schedule an appointment with a licensed roofing contractor. Putting off a roof inspection or repair can cause bigger problems down the road so acting fast is ideal to prevent even more headaches.

A shingle roof is one of the more common varieties as they can last for decades and are more economical than a metal or tile roof. Shingles are flat, square pieces of asphalt that are layered to offer protection against the elements. Your roof is the only thing protecting you from the winds and rain of South Florida so these shingles are installed in such a way that water can’t penetrate the barrier. However, when a roof is damaged due to natural or other circumstances, it can seriously hinder the integrity of a roof and water may find a way to drip past the shingles and into the ceiling and walls. This can cause mold, mildew and rotting to occur and many times it can be a while before a homeowner even notices. A slow leak may not be a noticeable issue for days, weeks, months or even longer. In many cases, once a homeowner has noticed a leak, a lot of preventable damage has already been done.

By having your roof looked at by a professional roofing contractor in Hollywood, FL, you can avoid costly leaks and catch problems before they gouge your wallet. Preventative roofing is always cheaper than restoration so save yourself some time and money by calling the dedicated experts at J & K Roofing today to get started. When you work with an expert roofing contractor like J &K Roofing, you’re investing in high quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. There are a hundred ways J & K Roofing can help protect your home so call today and find out more.

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