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The Great Benefits of Roof Coatings in Hollywood, FL

What is roof coating? What do you coat the roof with? A roof coating is a monolithic fluid that is applied directly to the roof membrane. It has strong elastic properties, giving it the ability to stretch and run to its original shape without it being ripped or damaged. Many businesses and residences choose to apply a roof coating after a new roof is installed. They know the great benefits that roof coatings offer.

Roof coatings are crucial in the waterproofing process of a roof. Roof coatings help with insulation. They protect the roof from severe roof damage. They can help resolve roof leaks on almost any kind of roofing material. Roof coatings can prolong the life of a roof. The basic components of a roof coating system are: the roof substrate, the vertical seam, the polyester fabric, the primer, the base coat, and then finally the top coat.

J & K Roofing, Inc. is a roofer in Hollywood that knows all about roofing installation, roof coating, and roofing maintenance. This roof repair company has experienced roofers. They understand the process of roof coating. They know how to utilize the roofing fluid and what roofing supplies are the best to use for the job. If you were to do the roof coating on your own roof, you may have had some trouble. It really takes a professional residential and commercial roofer to provide a sturdy and successful roof coating.

It is believed that roof coating a flat roof may be very difficult because the roof is not perfectly sloped. The roof coating on flat roofs have the tendency of causing water to puddle in certain areas like around the drains and scuppers. The roofing experts of J & K Roofing, Inc. accepts challenges. They take their time to provide high quality roof coatings. They will make sure your flat roof is coated nicely. There is nothing to fear about with regards to your roof when you hire J & K Roofing, Inc. in Hollywood, FL. So go ahead and call J & K Roofing, Inc. today at (954) 961-9879. Please don’t hesitate to visit their office, which is located on 2010 Sherman Street, Hollywood, FL 33020.

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