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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Get Your Roof Waterproofed with J & K Roofing, Inc. in Hollywood, FL

The newly installed roofs provided now by other Hollywood roofers are very watertight. That changes as they grow older with time. You need to repair your roof so that they are strong and durable. One of the best ways to do that is by waterproofing it. What are the benefits of having a roof waterproofing […]

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The Great Benefits of Roof Coatings in Hollywood, FL

What is roof coating? What do you coat the roof with? A roof coating is a monolithic fluid that is applied directly to the roof membrane. It has strong elastic properties, giving it the ability to stretch and run to its original shape without it being ripped or damaged. Many businesses and residences choose to […]

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Roof Restoration You Can’t Get Anywhere Else But in Hollywood, FL

What does roof restoration entail? Roof restoration is the process of restoring and repairing a roof that is damaged or needs special attention because of its age. There are many circumstances that can occur to roofs that may cause them to deteriorate and need repairing. If your roof has mold or mildew growing in it, […]

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