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Choose J&K Roofing for Tile Roof Repair & Installation

Tile roofs are everywhere in South Florida. From its beginnings in Palm Beach County all the way down to Hollywood, tile has become a popular staple for homes throughout the Sunshine State. This Mediterranean-style of architecture has roots going all the way back to ancient Greece. One of the reasons for this material’s popularity is its ability to endure South Florida’s unique elements. Whether it’s heavy wind, rain, hail and fire, tile roofs are able to dish out all the punishment South Florida’s climate has to offer. 

Tile roofs are typically composed of concrete or clay. Each tile is installed individually. The airspace surrounding each tile creates natural ventilation which provides a thermal barrier from heat transfer to the roof deck. This process can help reduce energy costs during hot and cold weather.  Not only are tile roofs durable and energy efficient, they’re also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They come in a variety of colors and finishes. Tile’s popularity can be attributed to its beauty, safety and versatility.

Another great feature about tile roofs is they are easy to repair and require a minimum of maintenance. This is a great convenience, especially during summer time. Heavy and harsh heat can take a toll on our houses and roofs are no exception. It only makes sense to choose a roofing material which can endure the elements and bring a natural beauty to your home. Tile also considered environmentally beneficial.

The roofing contractors at J&K Roofing have the knowledge and expertise to handle any roof project. For more than 30 years, J&K Roofing has been Hollywood’s premiere roofing company.  Whether your roof is made from tile, gravel, or shingles, their technicians can provide roof restoration, coatings and waterproofing.  Call today at (954) 961-9879 for any residential or commercial roofing project.

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