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Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

There’s no bigger investment someone can make than buying a home. The amount of money and time that goes into home ownership means that most people go to great lengths to ensure their home is in good condition all year round. General wear and tear is common for homes, particularly for those who live in and around Hollywood, FL because of all the rain. People spend a ton of time and energy on things like their garden or patio, but they often forget that their roof is really the only thing that keeps the elements at bay. The expert roofing contractors at J & K Roofing suggest that roofs in Hollywood, FL receive regular inspections because it’s far cheaper and easier to prevent a problem compared to coping with one.

Leaky roofs can cause havoc in a number of different ways and a roof inspection is a way to locate trouble areas on a roof before they turn into serious problems. Most roofs are designed to last for decades so an inspection may only find one or two areas of a roof that need repairs. However, if they go unnoticed, those one or two leaky spots could cause serious damage in the ceiling and within the walls. Leaky roofs also open the door for mold growth and that can be an expensive problem to combat. The cheapest and most sensible option is to have your roof inspected bi-annually at the very least. Any expert roofer will tell you that finding the little problems with a yearly inspection can save you a ton of money in the long run.

A roof inspector like those at J & K Roofing will check for issues like loose or damaged shingles which could be letting the elements permeate the roof’s waterproof barrier. A roof inspector will also look at things like gutters and drainage so ensure heavy rains do not pool up anywhere on the roof. If you start to see signs that water may be penetrating your roof, it’s probably been a slow developing process that could have been prevented with a simple yearly inspection from the specialists at J & K Roofing. For those in Hollywood, FL and elsewhere susceptible to hurricane season, having your roof checked before an impending storm is also a great idea. Call the professionals at J & K Roofing today and schedule your roof inspection in Hollywood, FL today!

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