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Need Commercial Roofing in Hollywood, FL?


At first glance, roofs don’t appear to be all that different from one another. The roof on a residential house performs the same function as a roof on a commercial building right? So what’s the difference? While all roofs help keep the elements out, there are a variety of different roofing materials to choose from. When it comes to residential roofs, many people opt for asphalt shingles or ceramic tile. However, for commercial roofs in Hollywood, FL, regular shingles or tiles are not the most practical approach. Large buildings often utilize non-standard roofing materials each developed for a specific purpose.

Commercial roofing in Hollywood, FL is very different from residential roofing because commercial buildings are usually so much larger. A single family home is usually only one or two stories so getting up on the roof and making repairs or doing installation isn’t a complex process. That’s why using cheaper shingles with a shelf life of around 20 years is a common option. Large commercial roofs are far more difficult to repair or replace, particularly for tall buildings, so longevity is important in making a commercial roof cost-effective.

New age commercial roofing materials include solar panels and other thermo-centric materials which can help reduce monthly energy costs. Thermo-roofs are designed to have a high tolerance for sunlight and UV rays so it’s a popular choice for many commercial buildings in and around Hollywood, Fl. One of the fastest growing trends in commercial roofing is green roofs, which use live plants and shrubs as a natural insulator. Green roofs have a very long lifespan and are common in big cities where there isn’t much natural vegetation left.

Since there are so many options when it comes to finding the best commercial roofing material for your unique building, it’s always best to work with an expert roofing contractor with years of experience repairing and installing roofs of all different varieties. The mark of an excellent roofing company is one which can seamlessly transition from one job to the next with expert efficiency.

Anyone looking for commercial roofing in Hollywood, FL should give the professional roofing contractors at J & K Roofing a call right away. With a highly trained and experienced staff, J & K Roofing can handle any size job large or small. In 2013, J & K Roofing was a recipient of Angie’s List’s Super Service Award for their excellent ratings from past clients. Contact J & K Roofing today for a free quote, don’t delay!

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