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Why Choose a Tile Roof?


If you had to pick the most important part of your home, what would you choose? Some may pick the kitchen, others the living room, but there probably wouldn’t be many people who picked their roof. As far as importance goes, your roof is just about the most essential thing there is. A house without a roof isn’t a house at all, that’s why we refer to our homes as the roof over our head. Like most things, roofs are not permanent. Sure you can install some roofs which last for 50 years or more, but they need to be replaced eventually. Those in the market for a new roof have a lot to consider. The most important choice is what style of roof you want to have. One of the most popular options, particularly in South Florida, is tile roofs.

Tile is one of the most versatile materials for roofing. Most roofing tiles are made from concrete or clay and are very resistant to the elements like wind, rain and even fire. Aside from their incredible durability, people choose tile roofs because they are specially engineered to be any color or theme imaginable. New technology allows for tiles which do not lose their color and fade in the sun, which is really nice for someone looking for a tile roof in sunny Hollywood, FL. South Florida gets a lot of sun, but it also gets a lot of rain. Tile roofs are one of the most waterproof materials alongside metal roofs. Tile roofs are also popular among the environmentally conscious because they are made from natural materials like clay and concrete. Shingles have a nasty habit of sitting in landfills when they are removed from an old roof. Tiles will break down and become part of the Earth once again.

Tile roofs in Hollywood, FL are all the rage these days. If you’re looking for an expert tile roofer then look no further than the pros at J & K Roofing. The dedicated contractors are knowledgeable and friendly, meaning you get excellent quality service. Finding the right roofer can be a pain, but not when you know a company like J & K Roofing can get the job done right at a price that won’t leave you broke. Going with the cheapest option usually means the worst quality service, so go with a roofer you can trust when it matters.

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